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Oh Johnny [Apr. 20th, 2007|10:38 am]
[Current Mood |chipperchipper]
[Current Music |john vanderslice - me and my 424]

So last nights show was AMAZING. I haven't had that much fun at a show in a long time. Rosie was fun but not like this.

Made friends with one, Melanie (hallo!) and she is a fun person to go to shows with! Much ridiculous dancing, sneering, and attempting to bite the girl's hair in front of my face several times because when you have hair with a big ass (not her actual ass, I am referring to her hair sticking way the fuck out behind her), you're supposed to dance around and repeatedly almost hit me in the face with it like a cat toy. Ms. Melanie encouraged retaliation, but I resisted.

The night consisted of pizza, watching odd people doing odder dances, and overusing the word "endearing" in regards to Mr. Vanderslice.

Also, no drinky?! Eh, probably better on the wallet.

To be sure, I had gone to see him at least 2 other times, and one of those times, it would have been described as "okay". I was a bit worried because he was to be lacking a bassist this time around. If you walked in during his set, you wouldn't have known the difference. Him and one of his amazing drummers (as always) had such a huge and punchy sound. Even his vocals sounded better. And they had Eric Friedlander from the Mountain Goats accompany him on cello for a few songs which turned out perfectly. He even gave away a "jewel-encrusted" watch, and got people up to sing the chorus for "Me and My 424" and got, what I believe, to be some fan to sing one of his songs really badly ala "First Season of American Idol" as Melanie described it. In another word, it was all awesome.

Srsly, Vanderslice = Dance Party. If you ever doubted it in the past, doubt no more. I also now have a stronger memory of why Mercury Lounge rules. The sound was pretty much perfect. And watching John play guitar is fun. He was my Guitar Hero for the night.

He also recounted a story of taking out one of his shows in Los Angeles all for bowling?? Coolest person ever, seriously.

I think he said he's doing another show this Sunday at Union Hall. I might have my first Guitar Lesson with Tia then and that's in her neighborhood so might check it out after! Maybe not though, but he'll be back in September! Circle! Circle!

And with that, I am awake, more work to do, have to go to my insurance place today and finagle some more money, and I miss everyone... but am well. Tonight, seeing Jeremy as well as El Jezel which I haven't in YEARS and they are funnn.

I hope everyone has a great day!